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Mentoring with Take Stock in Children

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Take Stock in Children is looking for 14 mentors to volunteer with our students. We will have virtual mentoring opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year! New mentors will train virtually and begin mentoring in August when school begins. 

Take Stock in Children is a scholarship program that provides high-achieving, low-income students in middle and high school with college success coaching and mentoring. Volunteer mentors meet with their students on a bi-weekly basis to encourage them, help develop their skills, and build their confidence. At its core, mentoring connects students to trusted adults who can guide them through critical growth and personal development. Mentors help students understand that they are never truly alone. By consistently meeting with their students, mentors develop strong relationships that positively impact the lives of students.

When TSIC scholars graduate from high school, they automatically receive a 2-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship to use at any college or university.  TSIC is looking for 14 mentors for students at the following schools:

  1. Mebane Middle School (1 male)

  2. Howard Bishop Middle School (1 male)

  3. Kanapaha Middle School (2 male)

  4. Santa Fe High School (3 male, 1 female)

  5. Loften High School (3 male)

  6. Eastside High School (1 female)

  7. Gainesville High School (1 male)

  8. Hawthorne High School (1 female)

Attached below is the mentor application and some additional information about the program. Applications and questions can be sent via email directly to Take Stock in Children. Please share this page to anyone who you think might be interested in becoming a mentor with Take Stock in Children!

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