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Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Gainesville Thrives is pleased to announce our affiliation with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to deliver a free book once a month to children age 0-4.

Any parent or caregiver of a child can register  with the button below. The program is currently active in:

 32601 • 32607 • 32608 • 32609 • 32641 • 32618 • 32640 • 32667


Expecting Parents!You can sign up with Early Registration to be notified when it's time to register.

How It Works


When a child is registered online or by brochure, Gainesville Thrives enters them into the Imagination Library system. Within a month or two, the child will receive a special edition of The Little Engine That Could™ welcoming them to the program. Then, they will receive an additional 

age-appropriate book every month until they turn five at no cost to the parent/guardian.

We've already registered over 2,000 children to our program!

Current Enrollment by Zip Code

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Support the Program

As there is no cost incurred to the family for any books received, we rely on generous contributions from the community and people like you! The cost to register a child for a year of monthly home-delivered books is $27.  If you are unable to give, spread the word among friends, coworkers and colleagues! Together we can make a difference.

A gift of any amount can be given here, or sent via check to

Gainesville Thrives, PO Box 15312, Gainesville, FL 32604, with the memo line marked as ‘Imagination Library’ or ‘DPIL’. 


Groups & Businesses

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We need all the help we can get! Groups, congregations, businesses, and more are welcome to reach out to us to find out more about the program and ways to contribute directly. If you would like to have enrollment brochures to distribute to parents of young children, email us at to request the number you’d like, or leave a message at (352) 358-1877. 


I registered my child recently and have not received any books yet...

Our partner, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, handles the mailing of the books. Once your child is registered through Gainesville Thrives, it may take a month or two for them to begin sending the books to your address.

If you have not received a book in more than 12 weeks, reach out to us at

How much do the books cost?

Gainesville Thrives covers the cost of all books and mailing; families of children in the program pay nothing.

One full year of books for a child is $27. If you wish to support this mission or a child, you can click the "Donate" or "Give" buttons at the top of the page.

I'm moving soon, how do I keep receiving books?

You will need to update your address in your parent profile on the Imagination Library website. If your new address is within a program Zip Code, even if it is not one maintained by Gainesville Thrives, you will be able to continue receiving books.

(Note: You may miss one or two books as they are transferred.)


More About the Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Since launching in 1995, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library has become the preeminent early

childhood book gifting program in the world. The flagship program of The Dollywood Foundation

has mailed well over 195 million free books in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the United

Kingdom and the United States. The Imagination Library mails more than 2 million high-quality,

age-appropriate books each month to registered children from birth to their fifth birthday. Dolly envisioned

creating a lifelong love of reading, inspiring them to dream. The impact of the program has been

widely researched and results suggest positive increases in key early childhood literacy metrics.

Penguin Random House is the exclusive publisher for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

For more information, please visit

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