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These maps demonstrate the density of students to within a half-mile accuracy. It should be noted that the elementary schools with the weakest FSA scores are Rawlings, Idlywild, Metcalfe, and Lake Forest. However, on this map this is not as apparent for some of the schools such as Idylwild and Metcalfe because they are distributed more broadly over the district. The concentration of need is more pronounced at Rawlings, which makes it easier to locate resources in the red orange area surrounding the Rawlings Elementary School. In the case of Metcalfe, the dispersal means that the principal location for services will likely be the elementary school itself. In the case of Idylwild, the greatest points of need are at the extreme eastern edge of the district closer to Williams Elementary as well as the western side of the district near where many college students live on Southwest 35th Place.