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Giving Wishbook

The Giving Wishbook is for people who want to donate in a more tangible way. Choose want you want the Gainesville community to have and we'll make it happen.

Winning Reading Boost

Give Gainesville's public school children a fun second chance to learn to read. Currently, it operates for 90 days at Idylwild and Metcalfe Elementary Schools for 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders. Continuing support in any amount for this year and next year is appreciated. About $100,000 is the amount needed for a first-yar introduction of the system to two schools, with the hope and expectation that most teachers of those schools will take the training to be able to continue this successful system of teaching reading for years to come in their schools.

A copy of Siegfried Engelmann's Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Help parents teach their own young children to read. This will be distributed by The Parent Academy and Local Churches.

Give to the Wish Lists of Gainesville's Public School Principals for their Schools

Many public schools can not afford the things they need to give their students the education they deserve. Donate to help fulfill the Wish List of Gainesville public school's Principals.

Fund Background Check for Volunteers

A background check for a volunteer costs between $30 and $65 dollars. Help us make the volunteering program safe.

Fund a Small Children's Library for "I Read GNV" in a Barber Shop or Salon

We're putting books in local Barber Shops and Salons in areas where children's reading scores are weak. Your donation will go towards building 2 shelves and buying 20 books.

Fund a Community Event

Fund a community event to link public school principals and congregational leaders to facilitate service by congregations to local schools.

Support Gainesville Thrives

Help Gainesville Thrives in its efforts to increase literacy in Gainesville through tutoring and mentoring.

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