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P.O. Box 15312,

Gainesville, FL  32604


Gainesville Thrives exists to be an informative facilitator of tutoring and mentoring, connecting organizations and individuals so that a higher percentage of students in need will receive these services.


A coalition of willing individuals in the Gainesville community is creating and launching a survey, directed to over 300 faith-based groups, to determine present levels of involvement in these areas and future interest in service and collaboration.  Our current vision is to build website infrastructure searchable by geographic areas of the town, by age or grade of the persons to be served.  This is intended to be a user-friendly website for persons seeking services and for potential volunteer tutors and mentors.


Gainesville Thrives seeks to provide access to tutoring and mentoring to Gainesville residents at no cost or minimal cost to them.


About 80% of the organization’s time will be devoted to gathering and sharing the information about what is available, and connecting groups with others who may help train them.


The organization is privately funded at present, with the expectation that grants may be pursued in the future.


While there are strong volunteer efforts from within the University of Florida community and many strong community organizations noted on the United Way website, there is no coordinated, broad-based effort for the faith-based community to serve the educational needs of at-risk students. Gainesville Thrives seeks to be a vital support structure to the faith-based part of our community and other interested parties.